Friday, September 9, 2016

Welcome To My New Blog

Hi Everyone!
The reason I started this new blog is that my other blog (Joy's Studio) is focussed on my cards & creations. I want somewhere to share my day-to-day life which is filled with beauty, laughter, challenges, the everyday mundane chores/errands and the pure magic of being a Mom and human being.

These are pics of me with my boys, Isaac & Ethan plus our kitty, Sharma:
Today is a Friday and a good day. I homeschool these two but we have yet to start anything formal this Fall. I don't like learning to be formal anyhow... I like it to follow their flow although I admit, I have to get something more regimented together as they both want to return to regular school in January 2017. 

On one hand, I want them home with me where there is no pressure to learn on a timeline with info that may not even be interesting or relevant to them. I want them to have the freedom to learn at their own pace and not be put in a category, judged by a system that labels people based on what is thought to be the correct way/pace to learn.

Of course, I would love more Momma time but they're mine to raise. It feels odd to put them with other people to teach them for a large portion of their day. We'll see how it all goes...makes me nervous but I respect their wishes too. Although I had a largely academic life before becoming a Mom, I now find the idea of placing my children back in a school as a somewhat "anti-parenting" move on my part.

Okay, that's it for today...I wanted to introduce me and my boys and apparently I had a little rant in me today lolol! I'm happy if you are reading this - thanks for coming by!

P.S. I just wanted to add that I think that there are many benefits of the school system (I loved academic life), these are my concerns and what I observed during my many years of formal schooling. My Mom was a Kindergarten teacher, she was the best (she was my teacher) and I have respect for the people working so hard to make the school system a positive one. Not trying to offend, I find that it's good to evaluate and question whether I want my children in the educational system.

Leave me a comment below and tell me your views - I would love to hear them. I completely love varied opinions whether or not they are in agreement with mine.